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    Intelliport - Cisco Selected Developer Partner Worldwide

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    Intelliport solution in Argentine

    The LTE 450 service was recently launched in Argentina... of course our devices are witnessing the successful launch.

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    Global status of the 410 and 450 MHz bands.

    Extract from the 450 Alliance Annual Global Update Report

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  • 20

    Intelliport became Cisco Solutions Partner

    Intelliport is an official Cisco Solution Partner from September 2021.

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    450 MHz Alliance Conference Summary - 21 September 2021

    Our first business trip was to the 450 Allianc annual conference, We took no risks; it was a flawless meeting.

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  • 22

    The team together again

    Intelliport crew not caught by the pandemic

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    The new born of Intelliport smart meter family

    IPS-530 Water Meter Gateway - The new born of Intelliport smart meter family

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    Annual Device update by 450MHz Alliance

    Annual Device update

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    No stopping - The new IPS-239 Non-stop IoT Router Pro.

    The new IPS-239 Non-stop IoT Router Pro.

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    Limited access, limited traffic

    Effects of curfew restriction based on data collected by IPS-401 NB-IoT sensors.

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    LTE 450 status report

    Status report on the state of LTE 450 MHz networks, the expected direction of development.

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    New Cat-6 capable devices

    The Cat-6 capable IPS 231 LTE Wifi Router Pro has arrived

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  • 29

    Smart parking in Downtown of Budapest - 3800. sensor installed

    The 3800th Intelliport made sensor was installed by Smartlynx in downtown of Budapest.

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  • 30

    Intelliport in 450Alliance.org News

    Intelliport in the news of 450Alliance, as the developer of the worlds first LTE450 Cat-M1 capable smart meter.

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  • 31

    How To Choose The Right LTE IoT Standard

    Three notable standards to consider in IoT scenarios – NB-IoT (Narrow band IoT, NB1), Cat-M1 (also described as LTE-M or eMTC).

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    LTE-A Cat 6 - The Next Step

    The new member of our router family is equipped with LTE-A Cat 6 technology. The advantages of LTE-A technology.

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