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Mobile communication platform

Intelliport solution supports Cisco 450 MHz market entry

The acceleration of the global roll-out of 450 MHz mobile networks and services, and the growing number of user opportunities to take advantage of the spectrum, is making it an increasingly interesting market for the largest manufacturers.

Cisco, known as the world's largest network equipment manufacturer, has so far achieved its significant 38.5% (2020) share of the industrial router market without the 450 MHz market segment. It was therefore an understandable decision to enter the lower frequency market.

Cisco's most successful and versatile device in the industrial router segment is the IR1101 rugged router.

The router meets the high expectations of the industrial segment with the following attractive features in addition to Cisco's usual reliability and strong support:

  • cost-effectiveness
  • Modularity (LTE, LTE-A, SFP Ethernet), follow-on technologies
  • WAN redundancy, high availability,
  • independent use of multiple mobile networks
  • compact, robust design
  • edge computing
  • smart-grid compliance (IEE1613, IEC 61850-3)
  • GPS
  • MPDN

Intelliport was honoured to be asked and tasked to develop and manufacture the LTE-450 capable PIM (Pluggable Interface Module) module for the router family. With the Intelliport module, the above tried and tested router can now be extended with 450 MHz communication capabilities, enabling existing systems to be 450 MHz mobile network capable. The P-LTE-450 "Taube" PIM module is a simple plug and play system integration and is supported by Cisco's Unified Support System.

Some features of the PIM module worth highlighting:

  • 3GPP LTE Category 4
  • Band 31, Band 72 (450 MHz)
  • GNSS
  • 1x3FF Micro-SIM
  • SGMII/I2C/UART interfaces
  • Secure Boot capability

(See Product page for detailed specifications).

The most common applications of the IR 1101 router are already available on 450 MHz networks: power/utility networks, SCADA systems, traffic safety communication systems, public safety systems communication.

For operators, a quick and cost-effective solution can be to upgrade already deployed Cisco-based systems to 450 MHz capability, or redundancy where required, by simple modular expansion.