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Smart Metering

The traditional transportation and distribution systems of the electricity have to face serious challenges because of the market deregulation. The increasingly spreading environment-consciousness or rather decline of the fossil fuels generated growing demand for providing green energies, although this significantly increased the uncertainty and availability of the energy system. This demand and dependence of the electricity of the digital society has never been so huge, which is still rising. The above inspired the world to create a new, more efficient energy system. The Smart Grid can be a solution.


The electricity running through the Smart Grid can be generated not only by the large power-plants, but it can be generated by solar cells placed on the top of private buildings or wind turbines and bio-gas plants as well operated by companies or local governments. The flowing of the electricity runs not only in one direction from the producer to the customer, but backwards as well, because the consumer can be a producer too. The Smart Grid guarantees flexible storage of the energy and demand-side management besides the possibility of producing energy on distributed manner and the possibility of spreading renewing energy sources.


One of the most important supporting solutions of the Smart Grid is the Smart Metering. The point is the collection of consuming data permanently and simultaneously puts the supplier, the trader and the consumer in an information position, which makes it possible to reduce the working expenses while the satisfaction of the consumers can be enlarged. The smart meters, which are remotely readable and can be remotely switched on and off, generates spreading of new type devices and services. Having the consuming data the Grid will be well-planned and able to optimise. Due to this information consumers can change their consuming habits, so they can reduce their expenses. The utilisation of the energy can be more balanced; peaks and the chance of break down reduce as well.


The Intelliport system wants to give a hand to reach these aims.



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