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Mobile communication platform

The first LTE 450 MHz networks have appeared during the last 1-2 years and gained great popularity to this technology. There are a lot of followers of the pioneer Scandinavian and Hungarian mobile operators. LTE450 uses the latest 4G/LTE mobile communications technology on relatively low frequency with excellent propagation characteristics. The result is a network cost-effective to deploy and operate, yet providing high bandwidth mobile network.


LTE450 (Band31) networks’ main advantage is that far fewer base station is needed to cover large areas (e.g. on 1800 Mhz about 10 times as much base stations are necessary to cover the same area).


Intelliport Solutions is one of the pioneers of LTE450 technology. Working closely together with its mobile operator partners, Intelliport created a full portfolio of communication terminals like modem, bridge and routers for professional and industrial users.



Intelliport Combo Small Intelliport IPS 133 Intelliport IPS 236 Intelliport IPS 330 Intelliport IPS 330 2 Intelliport IPS 130

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