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Mobil Router System Administration Centre


With the Intelliport M2M Platform, any number of Intelliport Routers can be administered and managed in a groups through a single, clear interface.

When developing the solution with increasing the productivity of system administrators and minimising the network traffic generated by management functionality in mind, easy-to-use user interfaces were designed.


Equipment administration


Using system administration devices, system administrators are able to:

  • Monitor the current status of network components through a dashboard
  • Check traffic, geographical location and technical parameters
  • Monitor changes to network components
  • Quick search for devices or device groups
  • Store device status information (e.g. signal strength, cell ID, etc.) with time series in a database
  • BI tools can be used to analyse the device status time series database. It helps proactively identify issues even before they could cause service outage (e.g. devices “jumping” between cells can be detected)
  • Display device data and statuses on a map
  • Geographical coordinates can be recorded automatically for GPS-capable devices and manually for other devices


Device management


Using devices that automatically log in after joining the network, system administrators are able to perform the following operations:

  • Delete device
  • Register unregistered devices logging in
  • Organise devices into groups
  • Upload firmware
  • Upload configuration
  • Update the individual or collective firmware on devices
  • Update the individual or collective configuration on devices
  • Partially update the individual or collective configuration on devices
  • Assigning firmware and configurations to a variant


Additional features


Group management:

  • organise groups into a tree structure
  • assign router parameters to groups
  • manage white/blacklists

Permissions management:

  • individually/collectively update device administrator passwords, with compulsory review
  • manage individual device certificates


  • query device logs including the connection logs of other devices connecting to a device
  • push received logs to configurable log processing systems


Remotely reboot devices

Export lists to Excel

Schedule firmware and configuration updates



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