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Mobile communication platform

No stopping - The new IPS-239 Non-stop IoT Router Pro.

The guiding principle of our development strategy is to rely as much as possible on the new, emphasized needs identified together with our customers when defining the development goals of our existing products. In addition to the need for a robust, industrial design - in addition to the lower bandwidth - the representatives of more and more industries have stated that increasing the reliability and ensuring the continuity of communication. The expectation is not without reason; thus, our customers are able to provide the services they offer in higher quality and with greater reliability. The need for continuity of this service has been expressed in our customers, for example, in the wireless data transmission of bank terminals (POS and ATM terminals) and industrial regulators (PLCs), but also in the case of high-availability and high-security utility networks (smart grids). 

Keeping the above needs in mind, our IPS-239 Non-Stop IoT Router Pro is designed to support LTE Cat-M1 / NB-IoT technologies (including, of coursesupport for LTE 450MHz networkswith the following new capabilities to a higher level of reliability:

  •  the dual radio / dual SIM design allows the device to be active on up to two independent networks at the same timethe router in failover mode switches between networks in 2-3 seconds - almost unnoticed - if necessary (hot failover 
  • load balancing between the two networks ensures optimal speed and maximum availability  
  • the operation of the system is constantly monitored both in terms of hardware and network and in case of a problem the system automatically restores the operation (independent hardware and network watchdog) 

In addition to wireless communication, the device can also communicate on RS232 and RS485 physical ports, it is available in a design suitable for both internal and external use, making our router sufficiently versatile. It provides the high level of manageability and security that Intelliport routers are used to.