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Smart metering solutions

The international, political, economic, and environmental situation and strategic directions of recent years have led to an increasing focus on energy management, both in terms of production, trade, distribution, and consumption patterns. Electricity, gas, district heating and drinking water are becoming increasingly valuable, and it is perhaps becoming clear to more and more people that they are, and will be, our limited resources that require conscious management. In the utilities sector, smart metering is no longer a 'smart city' buzzword but is slowly becoming an essential element.  

Simultaneous and frequent readings, data collection, data filtering, data analysis, forecasting, monitoring, and signalling based on the data collected, and the combined use of the data collected, not only bring economic benefits, but also have the potential to open many new opportunities. Smart metering brings benefits for operators, operators and of course consumers.  

Some benefits are not exhaustive:  

  •  readings that do not require consumer intervention,  
  • consumption forecasting, distribution demand estimation, optimisation options, more accurate financial planning 
  • more accurate determination of network losses  
  • targeted maintenance, lower operating costs  
  • hazard and event detection - meter tampering attempts, leak detection  

Intelliport solutions can effectively support systems at multiple points in the smart metering topology. We can collect and transmit data from your existing gas and water meters via our smart gateway devices (links) over LTE-M/NBIoT networks, and provide management, monitoring, and remote control of the devices via our M2M Platform (link), which can be customised to meet your needs. The collected data can of course be transferred to data processing systems in the required format.  


smart metering arch

 In our previous smart metering projects in Hungary and abroad, we have gained valuable experience in integrating pulse output water meters, Itron and Honeywell gas meters into smart metering systems, and in data communication for Sanxing, Kaifa and other smart meters. We are also happy to use our experience to help you design your smart metering systems.