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    Intelliport LTE450 Mobile Router

    Intelliport Mobile Router available for LTE 450 Mhz networks

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    Online blood pressure meter

    Online blood pressure meter developed by Intelliport

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    Intelliport TCU (Tax Control Unit) certified

    Sam4S (Samsung) online cash register consists of Intelliport Solutions tax control unit (TCU) has got all the necessary certific

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    Succesful ISO audit

    After a comprehensive audit our ISO certificates are renewed until May 2016.

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    Exibitor at ELMŰ event

    Intelliport Solutions is an exibitor again at ELMŰ event

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    Intelliport LPWA networking solutions

    LPWA - Low Power Wide Area Networks are wireless networks in which end devices can communicate with base stations over long distances (kilometres) at such low power that they can operate for many years even on battery power.

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    Application development

    Enterprise application development using the most modern yet mature and proven technologies and methodologies

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    Energy Monitoring

    The importance of the energy monitoring system is that it helps to find the critical elements, it permanently helps to determine the 20%, where the 80% of the potential savings can be realised

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    Weather Station Grids

    We rejoice in case of every accident, which was prevented by the help of this Intelliport road-meteorology system.

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    Smart Metering

    One of the most important supporting solutions of the Smart Grid is the Smart Metering.

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    Intelliport Management Platform

    With the Intelliport M2M Platform, any number of Intelliport Routers can be administered and managed in a groups through a single, clear interface.

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    4G/LTE Broadband Communication Devices

    Intelliport has created a full portfolio of communication terminals like modem, bridge and routers for professional and industrial users supporting 4G/LTE and LTE450 as part of it.

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