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The economic environment has been getting worse continuously and the energy costs have been rising permanently. The environment-consciousness and sustainability are taken into consideration much more than earlier, so these facts encourage more and more companies to pay more attention to improve energy efficiency and to maintain the optimal level constantly.


Nowadays there are several technologies for optimising the consumption that would be worth implementing. In our opinions the return of investments can be better with an application of a comprehensive energy monitoring solution (Intelliport Solutions AMR system) and with an energy consulting service based on this solution.


Detailed data is available from every single consuming site with the help of this energy monitoring solution. These strings of data and charts can tell so much for the energy experts, they help to discover the consuming anomalies.


The consumption of the energy depends basically on three factors:


  • We can achieve big savings on changing of the using habits


  • The technology level of facilities in use (lights, boiler, cooling, office equipment, etc.) basically influences the energy efficiency


  • Finally there are structural and location features of the building, which factors can be altered the hardest


The importance of the energy monitoring system is that it helps to find the critical elements, it permanently helps to determine the 20%, where the 80% of the potential savings can be realised, so it makes possible to return of investments much faster than the occasionally solutions. And there is another not negligible advantage of the solution, so that the savings can be measured precisely after every single improvement.



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