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Mobile communication platform

If you're thinking of implementing a new IoT (Internet-of-Things) solution or need to upgrade your existing 2G/3G solution to replace these outdated networks, you should read on...


LPWA networks are wireless networks in which end devices can communicate with base stations over long distances (kilometres) at such low power that they can operate for many years even on battery power.


There are a number of LPWA technologies available today, of which Intelliport supports LTE Cat-1, Cat-M1 (also known as eMTC) and NB-IoT technologies supported by the common mobile networks (3GPP standard). These technologies have the advantage of enabling well-managed, standardised and secure communications on existing 4G networks. In addition, these three technologies cover the communication needs of the vast majority of IoT solutions.


All three technologies offer significantly lower power consumption compared to traditional mobile communications (2G, 3G, 4G broadband), albeit with limited bandwidth. They also have the advantage of higher sensitivity, which means better coverage, and lower equipment and communication costs.


Intelliport's LPWA solutions can support all three technologies (except the IPS-40x family, which only supports NB-IoT), so there is an optimal solution for everyone's needs:

- Cat-1 if you need relatively high bandwidth (higher than >200kbps)
- Cat-M1 if you need low network latency (less than 10-15 ms)
- NB-IoT if you need extra low power and maximum sensitivity


For different IoT solutions, which Intelliport LPWA products can help?


Smart metering solutions


IPS-500 LTE Gateway Pro
S34U16 / S34U18 Smart Meter
- IPS-520/521/522 Gas Meter Gateway
IPS-530 Water Meter Gateway


Smart grid solutions


- IPS-500 LTE Gateway Pro
IPS-230 LTE Router Pro
IPS-239 Non-Stop IoT Router


Smart city solutions


IPS-401 NB-IoT Smart Parking Sensor
IPS-403 NB-IoT Traffic Sensor
IPS-404 NB-IoT Smart Parking Radar Sensor
- IPS-500 LTE Gateway Pro


High reliability network solutions (e.g. payment systems)


- IPS-239 Non-Stop IoT Router


Edge Computing Solutions


IPS-230 LTE Router Pro
IPS-239 Non-Stop IoT Router


Our experienced specialists are available to assist you in selecting the LPWA network technology and terminal equipment that meets your specific needs.

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