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Mobile communication platform

NB-IoT traffic sensor providing real-time and statistical traffic information

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The city's transport system has a fundamental influence on the quality of life of the people living there and the competitiveness of the businesses there.

Decision makers need accurate data about traffic to make it possible creating optimal transport systems.


Intelliport Traffic Sensor provides transport system managers, decision maker and even public with the following real time traffic data and accurate traffic statistics:

- Number of vehicles in a given period of time (5 min as a default period)

- Average speed of vehicles in a given period of time (5 min as a default period)


The cost of the sensors, the installation and the operations is just a fraction of cost of traditional traffic monitoring systems.



The most important features of the solution


  • Long life: with the sophisticated energy management capability of the device and the NB-IoT technology used for communication, the life of the sensors is 2+ years, depending on the network signal quality and the time period of data aggregation (default 5 min). The lifetime of the sensors is increased by the construction, the battery is 5-10 cm below the surface of the road, which means balanced temperature conditions, protecting the battery from extreme cold.


  • Small size: it is one of the smallest one among sensors on the market with similar capabilities and lifetime . With just 5 cm in diameter, it weakens the road structure significantly less than other devices.


  • High precision: the device detects the magnetic field distortion caused by vehicles. From a 3-dimensional change in the magnetic field, a complex algorithm determines the number and speed of vehicles. 


  • Durable: the device is extremely robust, waterproof and has a high strength. Thanks to the drilled construction under the surface of the road, it is fully protected against both the weather (cold, warm, ice, rain) and the hazards caused by the vehicles (eg snow plough). The device consists of two parts. There is an external cylinder that must be drilled and glued into the road. The other part os an internal sealed cylinder that contains the electronics, the antenna and the battery. This internal part is removable without time consuming drilling or gluing when necessary.


The outstanding capabilities of the solution are due primarily to the application of the following innovative technologies:


  • Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT): special LTE (4G) mobile communication technology with considerably lower energy consumption than conventional mobile communications. The network can be cost-effectively built and operated because it is based on existing mobile networks, no local gateway is required to install and operate. The security of communication is provided by the chip-SIM-based closed APN.


  • Long life battery: long-life battery that can provide a near constant voltage level over a long period of time.


  • Energy Management: Intelliport's innovative hardware and software energy management solutions ensure long-term reliability of the devices without maintenance.


 Intelliport Sensor Management Platform: a cloud based server side management application that

  • receives the login and heartbeat signal data from the sensors
  • receive and process raw data from sensors
  • remotely fine-tune sensors
  • transfer data automatically to integrated systems
  • automatic magnetic calibration
  • monitors the status of the battery, predicts discharges
  • mobile network coverage monitoring and field statistics indicates potential network problems
  • indicating possible operational problems of sensors, predicting their failure

Typical Applications

  • City transport management
  • Providing real-time and statistical number and speed information of vehicles using a road

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) communication technology

  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Using existing LTE spectrum and base stations
  • Improved indoor and underground coverage
  • Low latency
  • Secure by design
  • Highly scalable

Cellular capabilities

  • NB-IoT 3GPP standard
  • Frequency bands
    • Band 1: 2100 MHz
    • Band 3: 1800 MHz
    • Band 5: 850 MHz
    • Band 8: 900 MHz
    • Band 20: 800 MHz
    • Band 28: 700 MHz
  • Embedded chip SIM
  • Output Power: 23dBm
  • Sensitivity: -129dBm


  • Vehicle sensing (magnetic) with 98% accuracy
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Remote management
    • Calibration
    • Fine tuning of sensing parameters
    • Fine tuning of energy management profiles
  • Battery status monitoring and alerting


Intelliport Sensor Management Platform


  • External cylinder that must be drilled and glued into the road
  • Internal sealed cylinder containing electronics, antenna and the battery, this part is removable and exchangeable
  • Size: diameter: 53 mm, height: 121 mm
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +85°C
  • IP Code: IP67


  • Non-chargeable battery
  • Battery life: 2+ years as an average, depending on the network signal quality and the frequency of sending traffic data to the Cloud Platform (default 5 min)

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