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Weather Station Grids

The mankind has always been interested in the observation of the unimpressionable environment around them, because its survival has been guaranteed by the ability of adaptation to it. The weather still influences our lives. The thoughtful people want to know the current and/or the future weather condition.


With the development of science and technology, the metering of the environmental parameters and the analysis of data made it possible to forecast the weather. The meteorology deals with the processes of the weather.


There is one field within this science called road-meteorology, which deals with the connection between transportation and weather. A very large number of vehicles take part in transport nowadays, which situation demands to be well-informed about the effects of the weather on roads because of safety and economic reasons as well.


The integrated road-meteorological system developed by the cooperation of Intelliport Solutions Ltd. and Boreas Ltd. gathers, visualises and analyses the necessary environmental data in every ten minutes with using GPRS communication such as air-temperature, humidity, information about the rainwater, temperature of the road surface, thickness of water layer, salt concentration. Alerts (sleet, snow, freezing) and forecasts (slippery road, reduced visual distance) are generated as a result of the processing. Knowing the endangered locations and the weather information altogether gives a chance for the road operator to act on time or to prevent (salting the road, diversion).


The weather stations consist of sensors, data-collectors and communicators, and they are operated directly by wired electricity supply or solar cells. The central software can receive not only the metered environmental parameters, but the service data of the metering stations as well (charging of accu, door-opening). The availability of the system increases significantly with this, while the costs of operation decrease.


We rejoice in case of every accident, which was prevented by the help of this Intelliport road-meteorology system.



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