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    Discipline is loosened

    We have updated our statements based on our traffic sensors data. Discipline decreases, traffic increases.

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  • 34

    Measurable Social Distancing

    The effects and consequences of unexpected situations can also be effectively measured with our IoT devices

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  • 35

    New Intelliport NB-IoT Parking Sensor

    New generation of Intelliport NB-IoT Parking Sensor Solution now available

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  • 36

    Intelliport NB-IoT Parking Sensor in Vodafone pilot

    Intelliport NB-IoT Parking Sensor has been chosen by Vodafone in the pilot of its complex Smart Parking Solution

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  • 37

    Intelliport in Berlin

    Intelliport Solutions was invited to Berlin to present our LTE 450MHz solutions especially for utility industry

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  • 38

    We moved

    Our office in Budapest moved to a new location

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  • 39

    Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner

    Intelliport is a Microsoft GOLD Certified Partner in application development competency

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  • 40

    LTE450 at Hungarian Transmission Operator

    MAVIR has decided to use LTE450 mobile network and Intelliport industrial routers for critical communication

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  • 41

    Meet us at Mobile World Congress

    Meet us at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, February 27 - March 2

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  • 42

    Vodafone-Intelliport WIFI on EvoPro electric buses

    On-Board WIFI service is provided by Vodafone using Intelliport On-Board LTE WIFI Router

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  • 43

    Intelligent parking system using Intelliport devices

    Intelligent parking system in Kecskemet downtown operates on LTE 450 network using Intelliport routers

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  • 44

    Intelliport LTE device portfolio renewed

    Intelliport Solutions comprehensive professional mobile device portfolio has renewed

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  • 45

    Intelliport in Hong Kong

    Intelliport Solutions was invited to Hong Kong presenting our professional mobile broadband products and solutions

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  • 46

    INCOTEX partnership

    INCOTEX Bulgarian cash register manufacturer has selected Intelliport Solutions as development partner

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  • 47

    Intelliport introduction in Amsterdam

    The latest Intelliport LTE product portfolio and M2M solutions were introduced in Amsterdam

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  • 48

    Intelliport member of 450 Mhz Alliance

    Intelliport Solutions has joined 450 Mhz Alliance

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