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Mobile communication platform

LTE-A Cat 6 - The Next Step

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the developments of mobile communication service providers, we make a new level of wireless communication available to our customers with the new Intelliport devices. The latest member of our router family is equipped with LTE-A Cat 6 technology, so by using it, a larger amounts of data can be transmitted faster in a narrower frequency range than before. With our new devices, theoretically, data can be transferred up to twice as fast as with Cat4 routers, which are common in the market. 


LTE/4G categories and capabilities: 




Other technological benefits will be available by using LTE-A. With MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology, 2 or 4 user layers can use a given frequency rangeresulting in a higher capacity without increasing power requirementswhile Carrier Aggregation allows smaller frequency ranges to be connected for reaching higher data rates. 


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Higher speed, more secure data transfer will also open the door to new applications, and we are confident that with our new devices we will be able to offer solutions to our customersproblems in much more diverse areas. 

Some new or more effective applications without claiming completeness: 

  • video streaming services
  • in-vehicle wifi service (voice callsmusic and video streaming, passenger wifi service, self-driving vehicle data transmission, service of other in-vehicle applications) 
  • access to cloud services for IoT devicesremote data collection, and processing