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New Cat-6 capable devices

In our previous article in May, we covered the benefits of Cat-6 technology and the diversity of its applications in more detail Article Here. When planning our developments, we try to use the latest technologies in our devices that are best suited to the needs of the users. We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the capabilities of three of our highly successful router devices among our customers, and will expand them in the near future with Cat-6 category communication. The development of the IPS 231 LTE Wifi Router Pro has been completed - its datasheet can be viewed here - and will soon be followed by our IPS 236 LTE On-Board Wifi Router Pro and our IPS 330 industrial LTE router. The purpose of the technological development in this case is not only to follow the technical development, the increase of data transfer speed using Cat-6 technology also enables the introduction of new services at our customers (eg on-board stream services, open wifi service, video streaming…, etc.), thus, new tools can also serve to achieve additional business results.