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Intelliport against corruption

As an application developer, and manufacturer and developer of mobile communication solutions, we have been a prominent player in the domestic and foreign IoT/M2M sector for several years. Our products and services are known and recognized in more and more places not only in Hungary, but also abroad. The key to our success is the trust invested in us by our customers and our business partners, which we are building more and more consciously. Our mission encourages us to keep up with the times and prioritize the issue of information security, environmental awareness, health protection and work safety, as well as the prevention of corruption risks.

For us, only clean and transparent business is good business. In the course of our work, we reject and resolutely prohibit all forms of corruption in both the public and private sectors, be it kickbacks, bribery, extortion, redistribution, facilitating payments, abuse of power for personal gain, illegal benefits and gifts with intent to influence. We do not agree to fraud, cartels and other anti-trust or anti-competitive violations, or money laundering efforts in any form, and we take firm action against them. We also expect these requirements from all our employees and business partners.

As owners of Intelliport Solutions and Intelliport Systems Kft., we are committed to professional development, social responsibility, transparent business operations and innovative solutions. We believe that we can only be successful in business if we continuously improve our business processes and are at the forefront of using modern organizational development tools.

With our personal good examples, we also encourage our employees to keep our company values in mind during their work and in our relationships with our customers and business partners, even if they involve more effort. We are convinced that only value-based operations make our organization truly successful and that way we can best serve our business partners and make our world a better and more livable place.