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Intelliport solution in Argentine

For those who follow the news and the development of LTE450 services, it is not breaking news that more and more countries in South America - Mexico, Brazil, Argentina - see the potential of the 450 band for industrial use.

The advantage of greater coverage and accessibility due to the lower frequency can be easily exploited in rural areas of countries with larger areas or more dispersed populations. Increasingly, it appears that the most important LTE 450 applications (Utilities, Transport, Public Safety Networks) the first demand is for agricultural solutions.

 In Argentina, Alvis is the first former CDMA operator to deploy LTE, with the network operating on both B31 and B87 bands operational since mid-October and testing ongoing.

Alvis has a good strategy to meet customer needs by offering solutions and services. One of their first 450 MHz capable demo devices is a remote telemetry device to remotely read the level and temperature of the drinking water for animal husbandry applications or the internal temperature of the hives and the weight of the hives - and thus the honey collected - for beekeeping applications. The communication of the solution is provided by a solar powered Intelliport IPS-231/IPS-236 Router which can transmit the collected data to the users several times a day as required. We are pleased to have Intelliport as part of the Argentine LTE 450 ecosystem.