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The new born of Intelliport smart meter family

It's not news to our partners that customer feedback is one of the most important inputs when planning our development roadmap. In our recent projects related to remote meter reading, data collection and consumption forecasting, we have seen that besides electricity and gas consumption metering, the remote reading of water consumption is the most demanded market. Recognising this, we developed the latest addition to our meter family, the IPS-530 Water Meter Gateway. Connected to the pulse output of the existing meter via NB-IoT or Cat-M1 network, the gateway is able to transmit to the central system in push or pull mode, in addition to consumption data, leak and burst alarms and sabotage events (movement, opening, magnetisation), which are of paramount importance in industrial applications. The device is battery powered, with a sophisticated energy management capability that allows it to operate for 10+ years without battery replacement. Thanks to the communication technology used and the special antenna of the device, the device can also operate in conventional (reinforced concrete walls, iron roof) water wells.


A more detailed datasheet of the device is available : HERE.