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CISCO IR1101 on 450 MHz network – a possible Utility use case

Utility companies require efficient monitoring, control, and intervention of thousands of endpoints, often in remote and inaccessible locations. In several European countries, serving the utility sector through secure 450 MHz networks with good signal strength and penetration is an ideal solution.


To effectively support traditional serial interfaces for interconnecting with existing monitoring devices and fiber overlay for long-distance intra-network connectivity.  These solutions should provide high reliability, quality of service, and long-lasting components, preferable in a modular system, ensuring long service to the customer.


One potential solution that meets these requirements is the Cisco IR1100 Router with a P-LTE-450 PIM module.


A possible use case for this solution in utilities could be monitoring and controlling remote substations and power grids, ensuring proper maintenance and timely intervention to prevent power outages and other issues.



For details on the P-LTE-450 module and availability, please see the product data sheet below: