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In the recent modern metering technique many electricity, water or gas meters have pulse outputs. The Intelliport 200 Remote Data Collectror is an extra-low consumption remote data collector with 4 channels, which records the counter and the sabotage signals of four different meters with pulse outputs. In battery mode the device remains functional for a couple of hours, and it can be ordered with a supplementary solar cell-based recharge unit, which provides a 2-3 weeks long operation period also in winter, without any sunlight.


  • Extreme environmental parameters and strong noise are typical in the industrial application area, so it demanded to establish a general purpose GPRS device, which makes it possible to collect data and transfer it to the server reliably anytime and independently of the distance.
  • The INTELLIPORT 200 industrial data collector implements wireless data transmission through mobile-communication channel with the Intelliport centre. This device is able to operate without supervision 7×24 storing its configuration data in memory independently of power-cut.
  • The INTELLIPORT 200 consists of a low-consumption dual-band (900/1800 MHz) GSM/GPRS data module. The pulse signals of the 4 channels can be directly connected from the endpoint meters to the device.
  • The INTELLIPORT 200 saves and stores the incoming data every 15 minutes in its own memory. These datas are: exact date/time (year, month, day, minute), the number of pulses in the previus 15 min. period/channel, the power voltage (mV), the Alarm status (detection of sabotage above the tolerated limit). The device is capable of storing more than 3 years of data.
  • The built-in battery provides the INTELLIPORT 200 a 6 hours long data collection and storage, in case of any failure of the external power source (line power, solar cell, battery). The suitable, continuous operability of the GPS/GPRS modem is ensured by built-in surveillance electronics. The data collector operates on GPRS network, the frequency of the data transfer between the device and the server can be remotley modified.
  • The speciality of INTELLIPORT 200 modem lies in that the data communication in itself becomes controllable and manageable joining to the INTELLIPORT central communication software-solution.

GSM parameters

  • 900/1800 MHz GSM/GPRS
  • 1 SIM

GSM/GPRS communication

  • DIN 43863-4 standard
  • APN connectivity to data collection system
  • APN name and parameters
  • GSM data call from predefinied callers
  • GSM/GPRS network connect/disconnect automatically in given time periods

Supported interfaces

  • Number of ports: 1 x RS232, 4 x pulse input (2 poles), 4 x sabotage (2 poles)
  • ESD protection: 4 kV
  • Parameters: 7E1, 7O1, 8N1, 8E1, 8O1
  • Baud Rate: 9600 bps
  • RS-232: TxD, RxD
  • Interface: 1 x SUBD 9F, 8 pairs of 2.5 mm terminal block


  • Network protocols: Intelliport protocol over TCP/IP
  • Intelliport management platform: Centralized M2M management platform
  • DIN 43863-4 compatible Intelliport protocol
  • IEC1107 protocol


  • Operated with microcontroller (MCU)
  • Supervised with Watchdog


  • Locally via serial port
  • Remotely via GSM CSD call
  • Remotely via data collection system

Firmware upgrade

  • Locally via serial port
  • Remotely via data collection system

Status indicators, buttons

  • LED indicaors: PWR, GSM, COM
  • Reset button


  • FME or SMA antenna connector
  • RS 232 connector
  • 4 pcs pulse input connector
  • 4 pcs sabotage connector
  • Power connector


  • Housing: Plastic
  • Weight: 175g
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 105 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm
  • Installation: 35mm DIN-Rail or desktop
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • IP Code: IP20


  • Power Supply Interface: 2.5 mm terminal block
  • Input voltage: DC 6 V
  • Power consumption: Max: 2,5 VA
  • Built-in battery with 6 hours of capacity


  • IEC62052-11 7.5.2 (ESD)
  • IEC62052-11 7.5.3 (RF)
  • IEC62052-11 7.5.4 (Transient disturbance)
  • IEC62052-11 7.5.6 (Overvoltage, 4kV)

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