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Industrial, portable GSM testing device

The INTELLIPORT GSM Tester determines the optimal antenna position of the GSM communication and with a remote data call it indicates the receive levels of the signal and data channels as well.


  • The INTELLIPORT GSM Tester is capable of identifying the characteristics of 3 different GSM operators. The device can switch between the SIM cards via software.
  • With a remote data call, the INTELLIPORT GSM Tester can measure the bit error rate of the GSM communication up to 2 x 10-5
  • The device is battery-powered, the four AA batteries are enough for a two day long intermittent operation.
  • With a remote data call the INTELLIPORT GSM Tester is capable of data readout from a serial port-connected electricity meter.

GSM parameters

  • 900/1800 MHz GSM/GPRS
  • 3 SIM

GSM/GPRS communication

  • DIN 43863-4 standard
  • APN connectivity to data collection system
  • APN name and parameters
  • GSM data call from predefinied callers
  • GSM/GPRS network connect/disconnect automatically in given time periods

Supported interfaces

  • Number of ports: 1 x RS232
  • Parameters: 7E1, 7O1, 8N1, 8E1, 8O1
  • Baud Rate: 9600 bps
  • RS-232: TxD, RxD
  • Interface: 1 x SUBD 9F


  • Operated with microcontroller (MCU)


  • Locally via serial port
  • Remotely via GSM CSD call

Display, buttons

  • 16 x 4 character LCD display with LED backlight (4 lines of 16 characters)
  • Power button
  • 4 x function button


  • FME or SMA antenna connector
  • RS 232 connector


  • Housing: Plastic
  • Weight: 355g
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 245 mm x 105 mm x 60 mm
  • Installation: Portable
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • IP Code: IP20


  • Power source: 4 x 1.2V AA battery
  • Input voltage: DC 4.8V
  • Power consumption: Max: 2 VA

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