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Comprehensive document, record, process and task management in a complex enterprise system

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DocLine System


document, record, process and task management system


Those technological solutions, which would ease the handle of the documentaries and the administration work have been accessible for many years. Which company does not have scanners, document-management, records-management and workflow-management systems? But did we indeed managed to achieve those results what we had expected? The answer is we did not apart from a little exceptions. According to our experience, at most of the companies work is neither much more efficient today than it was 10-15 years ago.


But why is this sitation? In our opinion, only an integrated document-, workflow- and task-management solution would mean breakthrough. Those systems, which cover only a part of it (eg: registration-systems) do not really make the work simpler, but make it difficult many times. There are robust, integrated systems on the market, but their implementation and operational cost is so high, so that only the biggest companies are able to implement it expertly and comprehensively, while they have the possibility of customisation and maintenance as well.


With the development of DocLine system we can offer a cost-efficient and well-customisable solution for this market demand built on up to date basic-technologies.




To whom do we recommend?


Is it difficult to follow the processes of the administration? Don’t you know who and when works and what kind of tasks the employees work on with which deadlines? Do you have to print, copy and store a huge amount of papers? Do the employees waste time on searching for documentaries during the day? Is it impossible to see all the details of a case through and all the documentaries concerned? Can’t you be sure that your colleagues handle and retain every single documentary properly according to the legal and internal regulations?

If these problems are familiar to you, DocLine system might be a great help at your company.


Our approach


We receive and produce documents and records (documents handled by strict rules) on paper or via electronic channels in the course of the typical administration processes, while we get tasks or rather assign them to the others. We need countless information to be able to complete them in connection with the parties concerned in the given case, about the antecedents of the workflow and about other related workflows, about the state of the assigned work (tasks). We have to work with different IT systems in reference to a task, still in most cases the whole handling of an administration workflow stretches over the terminations of a given IT system. So the real solution can be only a case-management, which works integrated with the systems and has advanced document-management functions.


With the implementation of DocLine the following objectives can be reached:


  • Unified task-management
  • Unified document-management
  • Improvement of the quality of work
  • Make the workflows transparent
  • Reduction of expenses
  • Flexible tracking of the changing market demands
  • Integration of operation workflows with specialty systems




  • DocLine Electronic Postbook: linking of the paper-based and digital version of the incoming and outgoing consignments, support of the postal workflow
  • DocLine Digitalisation: automatic processing of the scanned documents
  • DocLine Electronic Record-office and Register: registration of the documents handled in house with the help of meta-data dependent on the type of the document as well as the registration of the documents placed in the record-office
  • DocLine Document-registry: continuous tracking of the physical location of the paper-based documents and the support of activities attached to the lifecycle of the document dependent on the type of it
  • DocLine Case-management: the consignments ’travelled’ in house and the electronic documents made by the staff are born not without purpose, in most of the cases they make it necessary to start-up a sort of Case-management workflow or they attached to an already running workflow. The task of DocLine Case-management is the registration of these cases as well as to make the relationships (contexts) accessible (available) amongst the documents, cases, tasks, workflows.
  • DocLine Workflow Support: handling and supervision of pre-defined workflows 




The efficient customisation was especially important at the development of DocLine. Beside implementation of the system helps to establish several good practice at the company, it is indispensable to configure a system, which fits the local specialities, specific commitments within the legal regulation and the IT environment. In the course of implementation of DocLine system we configure the handled document types, the meta-data, the case - and task types. We plan pre-defined workflows on graphic surface, which makes it transparent for the process-designers too.


Return of investment


Implementation of the system means saving on several fields for the company. Some of these are tangible and there are less exact advantages, which are very significant as well.


Tangible advantages

  • Reduction of printing cost
  • Reduction of document storage
  • Reduction of personal expenses due to the more efficient work


Additional advantages:

  • Reduction of legal risks
  • Better customer satisfaction, reduction of the number of mistakes in business processes
  • Reduction of amount of work for correcting mistakes in business processes
  • Bigger organisational flexibility
  • More efficient work-organisation, the managers get better insight about the workload and efficiency of the staff


Implementation steps


The customisation, the implementation and the operation of DocLine system is supported by our highly qualified professional team. Our business analyst, developer, tester and project manager colleagues are able to implement the system comprehensively together with the experts of our customers in several month.

We try to make the business users become actively involved in our implementation projects. The steps of a typical DocLine implementation project are as follows:

  • High-level survey and analysis of the current situation
    • Work out of a high-level solution proposal
    • ROI calculation
    • Determination of implementation phases
    • Decision about start up the project
  • The course of each implementation phase
    • Detailed (full) survey
    • Detailed system-design(ing)
    • Configuration of infrastructure
    • Customisation and integration of DocLine
    • Amendment to the regulations in business processes
    • Education
    • Delivery for operation
  •  Check of ROI

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